Demand Response - North America Power PartnersNAPP’s Demand Response (DR) enables our customers to earn new revenues by participating in energy resource and reliability related programs customized to fit their needs!

Customers from across the country can participate in demand response programs on an Emergency or Voluntary basis, including Peak Capacity, Economic Energy, and Reserves. NAPP’s Demand Response technology solutions, including NAPP’s metering solution. FLEXload web-based reporting tools and autoDR, provide our customers with a blueprint for successful energy management

Demand Response has become a widely accepted, long term reliability resource to the nation’s electric grid – mitigating regional electric costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing an additional annual revenue stream to reduce strained budgets.

NAPP operates in the competitive electric market and has been able to differentiate itself from its competition by its commitment to quality customer support. NAPP provides reliable performance, quality resource management, technical expertise, technology solutions, significant energy payments and measurable emission reductions.